For Parents

Kingdom Keepers Insider is a free interactive fan experience for readers of the Kingdom Keepers book series. The site and app were launched in 2013 so readers could help Ridley Pearson write the seventh book in the series. Insiders followed along as Ridley wrote, voted on plot points, and answered creative writing challenges. When Disney published The Insider in April 2014, the book included 75 users--a dream come true for both these fans and the author.

The final page may have turned on the original Kingdom Keepers series, but the dream continued this year with a new series and new set of winners.

All users whose entries are chosen for publication will have their user names or real names included in the print and electronic books. If your child wins a challenge that includes real name attribution, we will contact you to verify your approval, as well as your preference for identifying your child by name or user name.

Commitment to Safety

We do not collect any personally identifiable information from users, and our moderators prescreen all user submissions for personally identifiable or offensive content before they are shared with the rest of the community. If such content is detected, we will immediately delete the submission.

Promoting Literacy

Kingdom Keepers Insider promotes writing and literacy in a safe environment by having readers engage with characters they already know and love.


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