Unforeseen A Kingdom Keepers novella

Welcome, Insider!

This website and app began as a way to involve our Kingdom Keeper fans (the best readers in the world!) in the actual writing of KK VII, the final book in the series. Here are a few highlights:

  • 75 Insiders are included in KK VII, coming out April 2014!
  • Participation by tens of thousands of you, writing and sharing amazing stories.
  • Because of your involvement, I named the book after you: Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider!

Going forward, we’re keeping the community alive with exclusive content and contests including:

  • Exclusive POV Novellas: I’m writing a new line of KK novellas that explore different parts of the KK universe from the perspective of some of your favorite characters. The novellas will be available for a limited time exclusively through KKI. Don’t miss out!
  • Fan Fiction Challenges: Inspire and be inspired! I regularly post new ideas or questions for Insiders to imagine what’s going on in the Keepers’ world. Write YOUR adventure, vote for your favorites, and watch for my personal selections of the best of the best.
  • New Publishing Challenges: KKVII may be the end of the core KK Series, but the Keepers live on in a new 3-book series, Keepers Of The Kingdom, starting in spring of 2015. Don’t miss your chance to help write the next generation of Keepers lore!
  • I occasionally mine my KK Archives (I hope the Overtakers don't find out!) for early drafts of books and covers.
  • Stay up to date with future Kingdom Keepers developments through my blog!

Of course, we’re also leaving up Act I of KK VII, so you can grab a sneak peek of the book and always come back to see actual Insider contributions!

I am so lucky to have you so wildly enthusiastic about the Kingdom Keepers and Overtakers. Throughout the series, you have proved yourselves to be the very best! Thanks for all your help in building the series into something special!!

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I commend you on taking such a bold step that has never been taken before. What a great way to involve the fans even more! Fantastic! Bradley Young, Google Play Store
Author who clearly loves his fans
Ridley Pearson is the best! He's letting fans watch and contribute as he writes the last book of the Kingdom Keepers Series. Fans can get an early peek at the final book, and the lucky ones will actually be included in the print edition next year. I can't imagine that this is going to be easy for him, so kudos for doing something truly innovative and meaningful for readers and writers everywhere. Off to write more entries... deeperthree3, iTunes App Store