The Fairlies Novellas

Fairlies Amanda, Jess, and Mattie have won the hearts of Kingdom Keepers fans. Over the years, they’ve protected and supported the five Disney guides with their paranormal abilities. Now for the first time, author Ridley Pearson focuses on the “fairly human” girls, with a new series of novellas, co-written with three of our Insiders!

The Syndrome

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When Amanda travels east to Orlando on a hunch, she’s met with the worst news possible. Kingdom Keeper, Finn Whitman, is missing. Calling on her own gift (she’s telekinetic), her sister Jess’s ability to dream the future, and their fellow Fairlie, Mattie Weaver’s, unexplained ability to read minds through physical contact, the three gifted girls must navigate treachery, deception and the stubborn, unwilling parents of the missing Keepers if they’re to save their friends.

Unforeseen - A Kingdom Keepers Novella

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Jessica’s “gift” to dream of future events is both a blessing and a curse—the same visions that have saved countless lives are pure torment for her. Trapped in a body with a mind that has a mind of its own, Jess is condemned to see things she would often rather not.

Picking up after Kingdom Keepers VI—Dark Passage and leading up to Book VII—The Insider, Unforeseen opens with Jess dreaming of “cracks” in Disneyland. Is this vision something that will consume and destroy her friends, the Kingdom Keepers?

Jess sets out to find answers, embarking on her own nighttime adventure inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. There, she encounters an old man with secrets, a young Imagineer-in-training whose future Jess wants to see, and a treasured wonderland about to shatter.

Sometimes, the Unforeseen is better left unknown.

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